Technical Training Programs: Winter 2018-2019

Soccer Chelsea is joining the Des Collines soccer club in offering technical development programs for the fall and winter sessions. The local skills development programs will consist of eighteen sessions of 1.25 hours each for players U7 - U12. Space is limited to 18 players per session and registrations will be accepted on a first-come, first-served basis.

Several options are available (see below). Note the names of the programs have changed but the sessions will be similar to previous years, with the addition of a high level training program. 

Development Academy (Formerly CLD and Mini Lions) Information – U7 to U12

This is a weekly technical practice that is designed to improve the technical skills of players. It is for U7 to U12 players (born 2007 – 2012) and will be held at the Chelsea Elementary school. Sessions will start outdoors on Field 1, weather permitting, and then move into the gym at Chelsea Elementary School.

There will be 18 sessions (10 - 11 in the fall and 7-8 during the winter). These sessions will take place at the Chelsea Elementary School gym. The cost is $200 for the season – the full season is recommended however, registration for one session only is possible (see below for fees). If playing both CISO and this program full time, there is a combined reduced cost of $400.

When Length
Fall :  September 24 - December 8th 10 weeks
Winter/Spring :  January 15th to mid-March 8 weeks



The schedule is subject to change based on registrations number. 



Elite Academy Information – U9 to U12

This program is by recommendation, invitation and/or evaluation. It is advanced technical development by qualified coaches. The categories are: U9-U10-U11-U12 Girls and Boys. There will be an individual assessment of each player. There is an hour and half practice at la Fonderie (beginning of October 2018 to mid-March 2019). There will also be friendly games and a year-end tournament. The cost is $350 for the season. If playing both CISO and this program, there is a combined reduced cost of $540. Please see the Soccer des Collines website for details.

Goalie Academy Information – U9 to U16

There will be 2 groups U09 to U12 and U13 to U16.There will be 17 sessions (9 in the fall and 8 during the winter). Sessions will be held at the Fonderie on Saturday mornings. Please see the Soccer des Collines website for details.

All of these programs will be presented by experienced technical staff, under the guidance of the Des Collines Technical Director, Noureddine ElGuemri.

Cost of programs:

CISO+Académie Développement U10-U12 Oct/Mar $400.00 

Académie Développement U07-U12 Oct/Mar            $200.00

Académie Développement (Fall session only) U07-U12 Oct/Dec      $140.00 

Académie Développement U07-U12 (Winter session only) Jan/Mar $90.00 

Académie Élite U09-U12 (By Recommendation / Invitation only) Oct/Mar            $350.00 

CISO+Académie Élite (By Recommendation / Invitation only) U09-U12 Oct/Mar $540.00

Académie Gardien/Goalie U09-U16 Oct/Mar  $200.00


Complete the paper form or go to the winter registration web page to register online (for summer 2018 Soccer Chelsea players only)

You must complete the paper form if the player did not play soccer in Québec in 2018, an FSQ form and an additional $35 fee for affiliation to the Quebec Soccer Federation (FSQ) must be added.

Academy programs and CISO

It is highly recommended for U9/U10 and U11/U12 players to register for a technical training program if they are playing in the CISO (indoor soccer) league over the winter, therefore the fees are combined.  Players registered for CISO pay a reduced fee of $175 for the full Development Academy (CISO: $225 + D.A: $175 = total $400).  There is no reduction if only one session.

Players registered for CISO pay a reduced fee of $315 for the full Elite Academy (CISO: $225 + E.A: $315 = total $540).  There is no reduction if only one session.

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