Team Selection

Applies only to age groups U-9 through U-18. 

When we have more than one team per age group, we invite players of that age group to a selection camp so we can assign them to a team that corresponds to their abilities.

Players are evaluated in both indoor and outdoor sessions against a series of criteria, such as level of fitness, ball handling, shooting, speed, attitude and team play.

To find out how we sort check our "How we sort" page.

Please Note:

Soccer Chelsea has a comprehensive evaluation process, consisting of indoor skills stations (summer season only), small sided games on the outdoor pitch and full sized games. At least half of the evaluators are non-parent, in order to decrease the subjectivity of the assessments. Higher level teams consist of the smallest number of players, as they have many options for reserve players. Decisions made by the selection committee are final and there is no appeal process

The selection starts on Saturday April 7, 2018 for the Individual skills evaluations. These are held at La Fonderie - Centre MultiSport - 211 Montcalm in Hull.

The selection for the evaluations in a team setting starts on  Saturday May 5, 2018 .

Indoors Selection - Centre MultiSport
U10F Selection 1 of 2Saturday April 07, 201810:00-12:00Multisport #1
U10F Selection 2 of 2Sunday April 15, 201808:00-10:00Multisport #2
U10M Selection 1 of 2Saturday April 07, 201812:00-14:00Multisport #1
U10M Selection 2 of 2Sunday April 22, 20188:00-10:00Multisport #2
U12F SelectionSunday April 29, 201808:00-10:00Multisport #2
U12M SelectionSunday April 29, 201808:00-10:00Multisport #1
U14F SelectionSunday April 29, 201816:00-18:00Multisport #1
U14M SelectionSaturday April 07, 201814:00-15:00Multisport #1
U16/18F SelectionSunday April 29, 201816:00-17:00Multisport #2
U16M SelectionSaturday April 14, 201816:30-17:30Multisport #1
Outdoors Selection - Chelsea Fields
U10F SelectionSaturday May 05, 201809:00-12:00Hollow Glen
U10M SelectionSaturday May 05, 201812:30-15:00Hollow Glen
U12F SelectionSunday May 06, 201809:00-12:00Hollow Glen
U12M SelectionSunday May 06, 201812:30-15:00Hollow Glen
U14F SelectionSaturday May 05, 201813:00-16:00Chelsea #4
U14M SelectionSunday May 06, 201810:00-12:00Chelsea #4
U16F SelectionSaturday May 05, 201813:00-15:00Chelsea #3
U16M SelectionSunday May 06, 201813:00-14:30Chelsea #3
U18F SelectionSaturday May 05, 201813:00-15:00Chelsea #3
U18M SelectionSunday May 06, 201813:00-15:00Chelsea #3
Outdoors Selection - Chelsea Fields
U10F SelectionMonday May 07, 201818:30-20:30Chelsea #4
U10M SelectionThursday May 10, 201818:30-20:30Chelsea #3
U12F SelectionThursday May 10, 201818:30-20:30Chelsea #4
U12M SelectionWednesday May 09, 201818:30-20:30Chelsea #3
U14F SelectionTuesday May 08, 201818:30-20:30Chelsea #4
U14M SelectionTuesday May 08, 201818:30-20:30Chelsea #3
U16F SelectionMonday May 07, 201818:30-20:30Chelsea #3
U16M SelectionWednesday May 09, 201818:30-20:30Chelsea #4
U18F SelectionFriday May 11, 201818:30-20:30Chelsea #3
U18M SelectionFriday May 11, 201818:30-20:30Chelsea #4

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