High Heat Policy

Unless there is an ARSO announcement by 3PM the day of a game, all games are played as scheduled.

If you want to cancel a game yourself, you will have to use the regular procedure (contact the opposing coach, have that coach agree to the change and set up another game time). 
The good news is that by the evening, the temperature has usually cooled a fair bit.  Bring lots of water and ask the refs for additional water breaks.  Bring a water gun and squirt them all when they score a goal (or when they miss one, whichever is more often!)
Please keep in mind that if you decide not to play, you can't just not show up or your team will be fined and Soccer Chelsea is not responsible for the cost of these fines.  Even if you don't play, but you have enough players on the field at the game time start, it will be a forfeit, rather than a fine.

For more details on heat stroke symptoms and prevention you can consult the Health Canada web site.

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