Coaches Registration and Game Sheet

Only registered coaches, assistants and managers who have a valid identity card are allowed near the team bench.  Teams in U9-U18 play will be fined if someone who is not a registered coach, assistant coach or manager signs a game sheet. People who are not registered must not stand at or near the team bench.  A maximum of three coaches/managers can be on the bench at one time.

All players, managers, assistants and coaches must register each season to be valid. Just because a coach, assistant, manager or player has an ID card does not mean that you are registered.

If you cannot enter a coach or player on the PTS system, do not have them play the game or enter their name on the game sheet.  If you do, you will be responsible for any fines issued by SO.  These fines are normally $200


Changing a game or declaring a forfeit (not enough players)

The league must be notified 72 hours in advance of a change of shedule. The communication to the league must include agreement by both teams that you wish to re-schedule and preferrably, an agreement on a new date.

The league must be notified asap if a team will be unable to field enough players and is declaring a forfeit.  You must contact the league at competitions(at)

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