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Soccer Chelsea offers a full program for all ages and abilities in a friendly, cooperative atmosphere - a Chelsea hallmark. The Club values team spirit, skill development, appreciation of soccer, tolerance, respect, and enjoyment for all involved. Soccer Chelsea is a not-for-profit, incorporated Club dedicated to developing excellence in the game of soccer in both recreational and competitive environments.

Soccer Chelsea is a membership soccer club, operated by volunteers. To keep registration fees affordable, and offer quality programming the club depends upon members, and their families, volunteering their time and expertise. There are many ways to become involved. Please review the Volunteer Form and sign-up as soon as possible.

We have over 900 players this year. Add the coaches, assistants, referees, managers and other volunteers to this, and we represent about 15% of Chelsea's population, not to mention players' families who actively involved. We enjoy by far the highest participation rate in the Outaouais. This is healthy... for the players... for soccer ... for us all!

Soccer Chelsea is a member of l'Association Régionale de Soccer de l'Outaouais, A.R.S.O., a region of la Fédération Québécoise de Soccer-Football, F.Q.S-F. Some of our teams also play in the Ottawa-Carleton Soccer League.

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